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ACD is Automatic Call Distribution

ACD is an optional licensed feature that is added to the IPitomy Ring Group feature. Since Ring Groups are unlimited* (*only limited by numbering plan, 3 and 4 digits in length) you may deploy as many Ring Groups as you wish and therefore utilize as many ACD Groups as you wish when the ACD license is equipped.

ACD's roots are in the Ring Group which can be utilized to:

  1. Efficiently handle traffic at one answering position
  2. Distribute calls efffectively to a group of system extensions
  3. Select Ring Group Ring Strategy 
  4. Select a Failover Destinaiton (exit strategy)
  5. Caller ID tagging - for Ring Group identity
  6. Ring Group specific Music On Hold

ACD adds:

  1. Agents (virtual members)
  2. Makes the group a Queue by feature content  
  3. Many additional Data Fields (features) to enhance the handling off callers that enter the Queue
  4. Intelligent routing of calls to Queues based on priority (called Weight)
  5. Deliver recorded messages to callers waiting in queue
  6. Advanced handling of calls utilizing Queue status'
  7. Queue Alerts to Q Manager
  8. Text Message Alerts to Q Manager licensed extensions running Q Manager or other XMPP Chat client

Ring Group Parameters

Ring Group


Name the group for ease of use. This name is referenced in programming and user interaction.

Group Number

This is the directory number associated to this group. It is unique and must not conflict with other PBX-system numbering.

Allow Paging

Selecting "Yes" will enable all of the Members of this group to receive page announcements (one-way, voice announced) when the code "**" is dialed as a prepend to the group number. Consider using Multicast Paging (available on all IPitomy model telephones) as a more effecient alternative to minimize network traffic.

Ring Strategy

This setting determines how Agents/Members receive incoming call traffic to this group. The following choices are available:

Failover Destination


Allow Recording

Agent /Member Ring Time


Ring In Use

Retry Timer

Ring/Hold Settings

Caller Hears

Override Hold Music

Hold Music

Ring Tone

Custom Caller ID




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