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Remote Phones

  1. Provision the phone locally as you would any other phone
  2. Configure the PBX Site router with port forwards of 5060 UDP and 10k-20k TCP/UDP. The port forwards should point at the LAN address of the PBX
  3. Navigate to PBX Setup=>SIP and enter the Public IP address of the PBX under External IP, Save
  4. Navigate to System=>Access Control=>Access Control List
  5. Configure so that the IP address for the remote phone can communicate to the PBX in one of two ways:
    1. Add the Public IP address of the remote location if its static (eg.
    2. Delete the SIP service from the ACL if the remote phone will not have a static IP. If you use this method, we advise to enable Log Watch & Ban (found under PBX Setup=>General) after you have verified the remote phone works.
  6. Navigate to the PBX Settings for the Extension
  7. Click the blue Advanced link
  8. Change the Location from LAN to WAN, Save and Apply Changes
  9. Navigate to PBX Setup=>Phone Global (Optional setting for remote programming)
  10. Ensure that Phone Download Enabled and Phone Auth Enabled are set to Yes (Optional setting for remote programming)
  11. Navigate to the Phone Settings for the Extension
  12. Click SIP/Network Settings
  13. Change the SIP Location from LAN to WAN
  14. Change the Time Server Location from Use PBX as Time Server to Use PBX Time Server
  15. Under Configuration Updates change from TFTP to HTTP (Optional setting for remote programming)
  16. Click Save and Configure

Manual Configuration Settings (when necessary)

Sometimes it may be necessary to program a phone for remote operation when it is at the remote site. (You weren't able to do the previous steps while at the PBX location.) Use these steps as a guide:

  1. Open a browser and navigate to the Phone GUI
  2. Navigate to Phone Maintenance - Auto Provision
  3. Change Protocol to HTTP
  4. Change Software Server URL: to http://<publicIPatPBX>/ippbx/
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