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IPitomy IP PBX Administrator Guide

Version v4.2.1

All materials in this documentation are proprietary and considered confidential to IPitomy Communications, LLC and may not be disclosed without the express written permission of Ipitomy Communications, LLC. © 2010 Ipitomy Communications, LLC All rights reserved.

Ipitomy Communications, LLC

Phone: 941.306.2200

Email: info@ipitomy.com


Corporate Offices:

1940 Northgate Blvd.

Suite B-1

Sarasota, FL 34234

Release History
Software Version, Document Release #
June 01, 2010 Draft Rev. 1 New release of documentation to include product upgrade Version v3.1-2458.
June 11, 2010 DraftRev 2 Incorporated new features and still updating to match current version v3.1.2458.
June 25, 2010 DraftFinal Version Draft submitted for technical review.
June 28, 2010 DraftFinal Version Updated document to include information for ACD table.

Update document for general formatting and style consistency.

July 2, 2010 DraftFinal Version Updated to include new fields for CID, Cascading Messages from 3.1.2595 release notes.
September 23, 2010 3.1-2598 Fully updated to reflect the PBX up to v3.1-2598
Oct 4, 1020 3.2.2 Updated manual to reflect v3.2.2
February 9, 2011 4.0.1 Updated manual to reflect v4.0.1, v3.4.1 and v3.4.2
July 1, 2011 4.2.1 Updated manual to reflect addition of Phoenix HD phones.
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