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IPitomy Mobile Application Guide<br/><br/>The IPitomy Mobile Application allows users to access the Voicemail and Forwarding settings for their extension right on their mobile phone.&nbsp; Once this feature is enabled by the system Administrator, the user can access the Mobile App by entering [http:// http://]&lt;pbxipaddress&gt;/mobile/ into their phones web browser.<br/>Enabling Mobile Web Access<br/><br/>On an extension by extension basis, the system administrator can enable the Mobile App feature.&nbsp; By default this is disabled.<br/>1.Log into the PBX as an Administrator<br/>2.Navigate to Destinations=>Extensions<br/>3.Click the Pencil to edit the PBX settings for the extension<br/>4.Click the blue Advanced link<br/>5.Set Allow Mobile Web Access to YES<br/>6.Save and Apply Changes
{{IP_PBX_Manual|sortkey=Mobile}} '''Mobile'''
The following guide will outline the feature found under PBX Setup=>Mobile.<br/>[[File:Moblie App Quick Guide.doc|File:Moblie App Quick Guide.doc]]
'''Mobile Settings'''
Global settings for the Mobile App can be found at PBX Setup=>Mobile.

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The following guide will outline the feature found under PBX Setup=>Mobile.
File:Moblie App Quick Guide.doc