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[[File:Queue monitoring.jpg|File:Queue monitoring.jpg]]
[[File:Queue monitoring.jpg|File:Queue monitoring.jpg]]
Agent/Member Color Key:
==Agent/Member Color Key:==
Green: Idle (logged in)
Green: Idle (logged in)
Red: On a call
Red: On a call

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You are viewing the IPitomy IP PBX Manual, Table of Contents.

Queue Monitoring

Navigation to Reporting Queue Monitoring, gains access to the page in the following diagram. This allows you to see a live Queue Status of selected Queues. This view is refreshed every ten seconds so it is a semi live status. The information field shows the following information fields.

1) Hold Time - This is the estimated hold time within the queue at the current time

2) Calls In Q - This is the total calls in Queue at this time connecting and holding.

3) Target Time - This shows the number of calls which have fallen outside the Target estimate

4) Answered - This displays Calls Answered

5) Abandoned - This is the Calls Abandoned display.

6) % in Target - This shows a percentage of calls Answered within Target Estimate.

File:Queue monitoring.jpg

Agent/Member Color Key:

Green: Idle (logged in) Red: On a call Yellow: Ringing Grey: Unavailable (Not Logged In) White: Paused

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