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This guide will demonstrate a use case for installation and configuration of the Aastra MBU400 SIP DECT Station. Configuring the MBU400 is a two step process: Step one: Register the MBU400 Step two: Configure the MBU400 handsets

Registering the MBU400

1. Make note of the MAC address of the MBU400 base unit.

2. Connect the LAN port of the MBU400 base unit to the local area network (LAN) on which the IPitomy IP PBX is connected.

3. Browse to and log into the IPitomy IP PBX.

4. Navigate to Destinations=>Extensions

5. Click AutoDiscovery with no filter to scan the network. This will display all devices on the network.

6. Search the page for the MBU400 MAC address and note the IP address of the MBU400.

7. Navigate to the IP address of the MBU400 base unit.

8. Login to the MBU400 with the credentials: a. USERNAME = admin b. PASSWORD = 22222

9. Navigate to the Time Server Settings or Time Settings. See Figure 1 below. a. Input the appropriate time server. IPitomy recommends using north-america.pool.ntp.org. This server is highly reliable and is also the default time server for all IPitomy products.

10. Click on Save.

Figure 1

Configuring the MBU400 Handsets

Each MBU400 base unit will support · eight (8) SIP wireless handsets · four (4) simultaneous conversations – three (3) SIP-based calls and one (1) analog- based call

The analog station will function by simply connecting an available FX/S port to the Analog connector in the rear of the unit.

1. On the IPitomy IP PBX, create a range of extensions 2. Navigate to the IP address of the MBU400 To configure the phones, simply make a range of extensions in the PBX. To configure each extension in the MBU400, you will need the user display name, the extension number and the SIP password from the extension setup information inside the PBX. You should configure each station as indicated below:

Display Name = User Name Account = Extension Number Password = SIP Password Account Mailbox Name = User Name Account Mailbox Number = Extension Number Registrar = IP of PBX Outbound Proxy = IP of PBX Authentication User Name = Extension number DTMF Signaling Method = SIP INFO

The rest of the information on these pages may be left in their default state.

Save all changes and then navigate to Management settings and select the Reboot Button.

This will reboot the unit and once it is rebooted your handsets will need to be placed in the chargers so that the can re-authorize with the new settings in the base unit. Once complete the handsets should now function as registered SIP phones on your PBX