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Setup Checklist

Adding Ipitomy SIP Trunks

Adding Authenticated IpitomySIP Trunk

First, you will select "Add Ipitomy", and then check "Dynamic".

Add the Information provided to you in the ticket. This will include Username, Password, and Domain.

Setup Worksheet

See the setup worksheet in the link as a useful tool to plan your install. File:IPitomy Setup Worksheet.xls

Set PBX IP address according to final destination network.



IF pbx is set up with final network IP address, set up localnet, and then ACL



Create and register at least 2 extensions, place test call between them to ensure calls are working




Build rest of extensions/destinations



IF pbx is set up with final network IP address, auto-discover phones and assign them to extensions



Set up trunks (SIP, PRI/Analog Card, Gateway, etc)



IF NEEDED, ensure router port forwarding OR 1:1 NAT is set up



Test inbound and outbound calls

Security Best Practices

Tech Update Security


We recommend for all sites that you set up to do automated backups of the database to FTP, this way if anything goes wrong you have a recent backup file saved off from the PBX to restore on your spare.