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If you are advised by Tech Support to perform a field install of PBX software, these are the instructions to create the USB dongle and how to use that to install the software on the PBX. Once completed, you will most likely need to upgrade the PBX to current software version via the normal process.

Creating a USB Install Dongle

You'll find both the file here: Live USB Creator The version 6 install ISO can be found here: Version 6 Install Image (NOTE: Installing version 6 REQUIRES a 64-bit compatible system, please check with tech support if you are unsure about your pbx).

Download the file, and extract it's contents. This will create a folder called LiveUSBCreator Download the file, IPitomyPBXReinstall.iso. Put this file in the newly created LiveUSBCreator folder Put a formated (FAT32), empty 1GB USB drive in the system. Enter the folder LiveUSBCreator. Right click on file: liveusb-creator application, and Run as Administrator.


The USB drive letter should be visible in the "Target Device" box. If not, then select it from the list. Click the [Browse] button under "Use existing Live CD" Browse to and select " Install .iso" Click [Open]


Click [Create Live USB]


After a few minutes, the Install USB will have been created:


Click the [X] in the upper right corner to close the program and properly eject the USB drive from the system

Using the USB Install Dongle

File:Tech Bulletin 2011-009 - IPitomy ERD v 2.0.pdf