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Appendix 8: Software Upgrade

Checking for Upgrade Availability

  1. Log into the PBX
  2. Navigate to PBX Setup=>Services and note the firmware version.  If the PBX firmware is earlier than 3.x-xxxx then your system requires a Hard Drive upgrade before you will be able to load any 3.x firmware onto the system.  Please contact your IPitomy Sales Representative if an HD upgrade is needed; otherwise continue with the steps laid out in this guide.

System Backup

  1. Go to PBX Setup=>Database
  2. Click Backup to create a backup of the current database
  3. Find the most recent backup and click the Down action arrow to download this database to your computer

Downloading the Firmware File

  1. In a web browser, navigate to http://www.ipitomy.com/pbx_files/ip1500/
  2. Download the Current Release

Loading the Firmware File

  1. Log into the PBX and navigate to PBX Setup=>Services
  2. Scroll down to the File System panel 
  3. Click Browse and find the current firmware file ipitomy_pbx_<build#>-uf.tgz
  4. Click Load File to begin the upgrade process 
  5. Depending on your starting firmware version, one of two things will occur:
    • A dialog box will pop up announcing that the PBX will reboot, click OK and wait 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes has passed, log out of the PBX, then log back into the PBX (you should see a message when logging in that the Database does not match and will be converted)
    • A progress bar will appear while the PBX upgrades and reboots, after which you will be returned to the login screen.
  6. Log into the PBX and a message will display stating the Database version does not match. Click OK and the DB will update.
  7. Click Apply Changes

Note: On version 5.0 or later, this process no longer applies. Instead, you must navigate to PBX Setup=>Software Updates and simply hit the check for updates button, then apply any updates if found.

Restoring Backups*

  1. Navigate to PBX Setup=>Database 
  2. Find the backup you wish to load and click the curved arrow to restore it as the active database.
  3. Once the Database loads, Click Apply Changes.
  4. Navigate to PBXSetup->Services and Click "Restart All Services"

*(Does not need to be done if you want to use the same DB as was previously running on the system)

Note when upgrading from 2.x systems

When upgrading from a 2.x system, to 4.x, and restoring databases from the older software revision, and after restoration of your database you experience an issue with BLF notifications, be sure you check your extensions "Call Limit" field. If this is set to 0 (Zero), than you should update this field with the value 99 (Ninety Nine). This will correct BLF lamp issues.