USB Recovery Dongle

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USB Recovery Dongle Instructions:

1) Go to this website
and download the two files

2) Copy the two (2) files into the same directory.

3) Insert a formated(FAT32), 1GBSB Drive to your PC

4) Double click on YUMI-

5) If a Security Warning pops up, click [Run]

6) License agreement
Click [I Agree]

7) YUMI Setup Dialog
Click the drop down list in the upper left
Select the Drive letter of your USB Drive

8) In the upper right corner Select Format Drive (Erase Content)

9) From the list box under Step 2, scroll down to:
System Rescue CD and highlight it.

10) Click the [Browse] button near the lower right corner
Select the file:
and click [Open]

11) Click the [Create] button at the bottom of the dialog

12) Click [Yes] to perform listed actions

13) Wait about four (4) minutes

14) At the Installation Complete Dialog
Make sure that there are no errors listed in the green text
Click [Next]

15) At the "Would you like to add more ISOs/Distros Now?" question,
Click [No]

16) At the dancing penguin dialog, click [Finish]

17) Eject the USB Drive

18) Insert USB Dongle into the PBX

19) Power the PBX on

20) Enter the BIOS and ensure the PBX is set to Boot from USB (This may be by pressing the Delete key or F2 or F3 key at the right time, the display will tell you what to do to enter BIOS. It may flash by quickly)

Once booted:

21) At the YUMI MultiBoot USB screen

22) Select System Tools
(press Enter)

23) Select System Rescue CD
(press Enter)

24) Select "#1 Default Boot Options"
(first in the list)
(press Enter)

(messages scroll past)

25) If it stops at the "Load Keymap" prompt, just press Enter

If everything goes well, you should be at a command prompt:

root@sysresccd /root %

26) Now you will type commands with a keyboard connected to the PBX:

fsck -y /dev/sda1
(press Enter)
(wait for the prompt to return)

fsck -y /dev/sda2
(press Enter)
(wait for the prompt to return)

fsck -y /dev/sda5
(press Enter)
(wait for the prompt to return)
(NOTE!!! This is the main partition and can take awhile to clean up. Patience is HIGHLY recommended at this point)

Once the prompt returns Shutdown the PBX with this command:

shutdown -h now

After it has shutdown, remove the USB dongle and power up the PBX.
Keep a monitor attached to watch.

If everything has gone correctly, you should be at the login prompt.
Connect to the PBX with the web browser and attempt to login.