BIOS Settings

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1)     Get to BIOS. This can be accomplished by repeatedly pressing the delete key when booting a system from off.


If your Screen doesn’t look like this then find advanced setup and it should go to this page.

2)     Set the date and time. Time is in 24h (2pm for example is 1400).


3)     Use the right arrow to get to the advanced tab. Press enter on power Management Setup arrow down to EuP Function and disable it.


Press escape and arrow down to ACPI Settings


And disable the suspended sleep state


Press escape one more time and arrow down to CPU Config


In here we need to disable intel virtualization tech


Press escape and right arrow to chipset and find SOC config


In here you change 2 settings AC Power loss to last state and disable hd audio



From here we arrow right to boot setup


Changes on this page should mirror the image. If the boot mode select does not allow you to change to legacy mode then you need to set the OS system select to manual and change the target os to linex. If USB Flash is the same as USB key if usb flash is not listed as an option in the boot order.

Once your boot page mirrors the image arrow right to exit and hit save and exit. The system will restart.