Chat Client for Android Phones

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Beem is a free app on the Android Play store, and is pretty easy to configure to work with the PBX chat feature. Instructions are as follows:

  1. Install and Launch Beem for the first time
  2. Select "I have an existing account"
  3. JabberID = extensionnumber@localhost
  4. Password = PIN for that extension
  5. Press Manual Configuration
  6. Press Advanced
  7. Check off Specific Server Option
  8. Press Address
  9. Set this to the IP address of the PBX
  10. Back out until the app attempts to register. So long as the port 5222 is forwarded to the PBX (assuming you are coming in from remote since its a cell phone) and the ACL for XMPP is deleted (no way to know what public IP address your cell phone will have at any given time) then you will be connected to chat.