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When a customer reports an issue, you want to resolve it as soon as possible. In order to do this, its important to ask the right questions and have the right tools so you can get them up and running.

Reproduce the Issue

When an issue is reported, its important to reproduce it so you know what steps are required to make it happen so that we here at IPitomy Tech Support can drill down to the cause and find a solution.

  • Ask the end user the right questions to determine what the problem is – you are our eyes and ears (may need to observe end user)
  • Verify that the issue does in fact occur yourself
  • Note the frequency of the issue (e.g., 1/10, 3/10, 10/10 etc.)
  • Note precise facts and steps for Tech Support to reproduce the issue

Check Firmware and Software for current version

Often times the issue you are experiencing was caused by a bug that was fixed with firmware. This will allow you to solve the customer problem quickly by upgrading the device in question, with no call to support needed, saving you time.

Check the Wiki

The IPitomy Wiki is a searchable repository of our documentation, manuals, quick guides, and FAQ. If the customer reports an issue, search the wiki for keywords related to your issue and you may find a solution without having to pick up the phone!

Opening a Support Ticket

If the previous steps have not resolved your issue, its a good time to contact support. To ensure your issue can be solved as quickly as possible, be prepared to provide the following:

NOTE: DO NOT open a ticket from an email address that has an auto-responder, as this can cause an infinite loop, and we might have to ban your email to stop it

  • Tech Name, Dealer Name, Additional Contact Information (tech cell, email)
  • Web access to the PBX
  • Public IP address routed to port 80 internally
  • Login Credentials
  • SSH/Telnet access via Port 22/23
    • SSH/port22 access needed for IP1200+ systems
    • Telnet/port23 access needed for IP1000 systems
  • Facts and steps to reproduce the issue
  • Your existing ticket number if you have already contacted Tech Support about this issue

Contact Via
(941)306-2200 (press 2 at the menu for support)
If you have an immediate problem or an emergency that requires the quickest response time, call into support
Emailing this address will start a ticket.  M-F IPitomy techs will get back to you as soon as they can.  Typically this is less than 24hrs.
Use this address when you need to get information to us but do not need to open a new ticket.  Typically you will do this when you are at the customer site but you don't have access to your work email which you used to start the ticket.  This will eliminate needing to hunt through multiple tickets to get all the information.

Ways to Slow Down the Tech Support Process

  • Forward a vague email direct from your end user
  • Call in to tech support while not available to assist with troubleshooting
  • Not knowing the IP address or login credentials for remote admin
  • Not having SSH/Telnet access for tech support
  • Not having reproduced the issue yourself
    • End users are not IPitomy pros. Often times they report a symptom due to the fact that they have not been adequately trained.
    • End user reported symptoms have a root cause that needs to be addressed
  • Not remembering the basics when contacting tech support
    • Butt sets are needed to test analog lines
    • Alternate router, switch, and cabling are helpful to ensure the physical components are in working order
  • Not following the recommended steps provided by Tech Support