IP PBX Manual Appendix 10 TroubleShooting

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Appendix 10: Troubleshooting (FAQ)

(Q) Why does my Aastra phone freeze with 100% done written on the screen?

(A) The phone is attempting to access an unreachable network. You need to manually change the TFTP server IP on the phone to match the PBX IP. Also make sure that PBX Network Settings IP matches your actual PBX IP. If it does not, change it and SAVE the change. Make sure that the PBX Sip IP has been properly set:


  1. Change the setting in PBX Setup / SIP.
  2. Click on “Apply Changes” button to commit the changes to the database
  3. Restart the phone.

(Q) Why did my phone restart with an old configuration after using Auto Discovery to create a new extension, assign and restart the phone?

(A) When you create a new extension you are taken to the Create Extensions page. After you click on the "Create" button you must then click on "Apply Changes" before restarting the affected phones.

(Q) Why does my Aastra phone hang (or freeze) with "40% Done" written on the screen?

(A) This is a known issue with the Aastra 480i model that sometimes occurs after Factory Defaulting the phone. You need to turn the phone off and turn it back on. Remove the power connection, wait a few seconds and then re-connect the power.

(Q) Why won’t my time zone on my voicemail change after my system settings have been changed?

(A) You have to go to PBX>Services and click on the Restart PBX button in order for the changes to take effect.

(Q) Why can’t I delete a menu?

(A) Be sure the menu is not the default incoming destination for the system. You cannot delete the default incoming destination.

(Q) What is the default IP Address for the IP PBX?

(A) The IP Address for the PBX is

(Q) The time is not correct on my System.  Voicemail messages have the incorrect time.  PBXSetup->General reports an incorrect time.  Phones report an incorrect time.

(A) Almost all of these problems have the same root causes.  This almost always has to do with a time server.

The first thing with a time server is verify that you have DNS.  Navigate to Diagnostics->Network.  Select DNS Lookup and type pool.ntp.org into the box and press lookup.  If you get only in the results window and you get something like REFUSED in the result, then you DNS is not set up correctly.

Set DNS Correctly.  Go to PBXSetup->Networking and set your DNS servers to the correct values.  If you don't know them you can use Google's public DNS servers at and .  Go back to diagnostics after saving the settings and verify that you get a result for pool.ntp.org.

Now navigate to PBXSetup->General.  Under time server enter pool.ntp.org.  Press save at the bottom of the page.  Now you should see an entry that looks like this:  in the time server display.

     remote           refid      st t when poll reach   delay   offset  jitter
 helium.constant    2 u    1   64    1   46.134    1.583   0.001
 LOCAL(0)        .LOCL.          10 l    -   64    0    0.000    0.000   0.001

If you only see LOCAL then you aren't seeing the time server.   The host name under remote doesn't matter as there are a lot of servers in the "pool".  If you only see local, then perhaps a router is blocking your access to the internet, or your gateway is set incorrectly.  Troubleshoot this as you normally would and proceed to the next step once you see a time server in the list.  

The next step is very important.

Go up and press the synchronize button.  Note that you need to reboot after you do this or your PBX could be in an unstable state.  This is because synchronize syncs the hardware clock to the time server and this might result in an unexpected time change for programs running on the server.  

After the reboot check the time displayed on PBXSetup->General

If you notice that the jitter on your system keeps climbing, there could be an issue with a device connected to the system or a power issue.  It is recommended you take the following steps to resolve issues where after synchronization the jitter and offset numbers keep climbing. 

1)  Shutdown system by pressing power button and releasing.

2)  Wait until system lights and fan activity have ceased

3)  Disconnect all keyboards and monitors.  (Do not disconnect UPS USB connection - however if the issue is not resolved by this, repeat the steps but disconnect the UPS as well). 

4)  Power on system. 

After system loads up check the time server jitter and offset.  If it needs to be adjusted, you can follow the steps from earlier in this section to synchronize the system time.

Another option if you are having issues still would be to try a different time server.  Some standard server addresses are

  • pool.ntp.org
  • north-america.pool.ntp.org
  • time.nist.gov