PBXPlus Manual: Music File Format

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Music File Format

We have found that music files work best in both MOH and Prompt applications when formatted as:

If originally recorded: Wave (".wav"), PCM-Signed, 8-bit, 8khz mono OR Non-variable bitrate mp3

You can use Audio Editing software such as Audacity to convert audio files prior to uploading.

  1. Open the music file in Audacity
  2. Set the Format to 16-bit PCM
  3. If the audio is stereo with left and right channels, Mix Stereo Down to Mono
  4. export the file as .wav

Music File Volume

There are no tools in the PBX to adjust MOH volume. If the customer needs louder/quieter MOH, it is advised to use software like Audacity or Wavepad to adjust and save the file at the new level, and load that file into the PBX.

In Audacity go to the Efftect Menu, then select "Aplify" and set the amplification (to lower the volume just set it to a negative decibel level). Then export as a .wav file for best results.