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ACD Targets and assumptions. To complete an ACD installation information must be compiled about the application. Use the questionaire below on it with your customer or give it to them to fill in and then input the data into the calculator (link at the bottom) and advise your customer of the requirements and what he can expect given various scenarios.

Call Questions:

  1. What is the Average call duration (in seconds)
  2. What is the Average wrap up time (in seconds)
  3. What is the desired (and relistic) Call answering? The Target is expressed as:
    1. % ________ answered in
    2. _________seconds
  4. What is the maximum percentage of calls that are allowed to get busy when they call this business? _______
    expressed in decimal notation 0.0001 (1/10 %) or greater.
  5. Divided into the hours of the day how many calls are handled in HOUR:
    1. _________
    2. _________
    3. _________
    4. _________
    5. _________
    6. _________
    7. _________
    8. _________

Collect this information and put it into the calculator at: