Cisco SPA112 FXS Gateway

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Also applies to Cisco ATA192

By default, the Cisco SPA112 will pull DHCP from your network. You can discern the IP address via Autodiscovery if you switch the Filter to None, or by viewing the DHCP leases in the router. If you have an SPA122, connect your PC to the LAN port and access via the IP to program, then when done, connect the WAN port of the device to the network.


  • Log into the IP address of the Gateway (user: admin | pass: admin)
  • Navigate to Quick Setup
  • Line 1 and Line 2 will be where you configure your SIP extensions from the PBX as follows:
    • Proxy: IP address of the PBX
    • Display Name: Extension Number
    • User ID: Extension Number
    • Password: SIP Password for the extension
  • Click Submit

Once this is completed, the extension should be registered and functional.

Multiple Extensions

If you are configuring multiple extensions to the Gateway, be sure to set them in the PBX to UserType = Friend.


If you are using the SPA112 for faxing, make sure the jitter buffer is set to Fixed.

Note: For faxing without analog lines or a PRI, we recommend to use IPitomy Fax Service


In the SPA112 the DTMF mode ATV is the equivalent of RFC2833.


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