Configuring IPR20 for function with Viking Paging Devices

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Configuring an IPr20 with a Viking FXS Paging Device


When configuring an IPr20 to work with a Viking FXS Paging device you will need to follow the normal steps listed here:


After this make a few test calls and chances are after paging the device will not hang up and it will play a reorder tone over the speakers.  In order to rectify this you will need to:


  • Log into the IPr20 and navigate to SIP=>Tone.  Here you will see the values that define how each tone played is going to sound. 
  • Find the Reorder Tone field which is set by default to 480@-24+620@-24#ON(250),OFF(250),R
  • For Reorder Tone, change both (250) to (1) and delete the ,R
  • Save


The Tone page should now match the screenshot below, and you will no longer hear the reorder tone playing over the speaker while the Viking device counts down its disconnect timer.