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Changing the IP Address

The Network Console (keyboard and monitor - plugged directly into the PBX) allows you to view and change settings without requiring an external web browser or any network connection.


  1. Plug a keyboard and monitor into the IP PBX.
  2. From this keyboard, press CTRL-ALT-F7
  3. Follow the instructions displayed on the page to configure the IPs for the PBX.

The options used are as follows.

1: Network Type Static or DHCP

2: IP address

3: Subnet Mask

4: Default Gateway

5: Static DNS

6: Static DNS 2

7: Static DNS 3

R: Refresh View

D: Default Settings

S: Save & Update

Once all values have been configured to match the install network, choose S to Save & Update.

Note: For further details on using the Net Console, please refer to Appendix 6.