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Fanvil Door Box and Intercom Configuration Guide

Depending on model, the intercom may have a preconfigured static IP, or acquire a DHCP address. The quick start guide included with the box will contain this information, as it differs per model.

To get basic sip registration, you only need the extension number, SIP password for the extension, and pbx address, in the fields below:

File:Sip account.JPG

The front intercom button will need to be programmed as a speed dial, as shown, depending on model:

File:Intercom button.JPG

To configure the relay, you'll need to know whether you need Normally Open, or Normally Closed. The setup can be found on this page:

File:Relay settings.JPG

The relay pins themselves are circled in red on the board.  NC stands for normally closed, NO is normally open, and COM is common.

File:Relay pins.jpg

The units have a 6-post terminal bridge that can be wired/screwed down, and then plugged in as a whole to the 6 pins on the board, as follows.  This allows for easier wire insertions and screw-downs.

File:Terminal bridge.jpg

On the board, there are also 2 buttons, labelled * and #, just like on a phone keypad.  If the unit has acquired a DHCP address, holding the # button for 3 seconds and then releasing, will casuing the unit to verbally read back its current IP address.

File:Onboard buttons.jpg