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IPitomy Door Box Quick Setup Guide

File:IS710v2 Smart Sercurity IP Intercom User Manual.doc

  • The Ipitomy IS710 Door box comes by Default configured to a Static IP of

  • On First login make sure Language is set to English using the drop down on the left.

It is reccomended to connect to this IP address and then step one would be to configure for DHCP the network Settings.


  • Step Two Configure Extension

Simply Create an Extension for the Doorbox in the PBX, set the Phone Type to IPitomy 2XX. Then using Auto- Discovery find the device by scanning the network and configure in the normal Auto Discovery Method.


  • Once the Extension is registered with the PBX, the you can setup the Hotdial. This can be a Group or Extension in the system, make sure the delay is set to 0. When the button on the doorbox is pressed, then this will be the group or the extension which is called. The code to dial to send the open command to the output contacts by default is 00. This is defined under DTMF.


The operation is defined as, User presses Center call button on Door box, Unit Hot dials the Extension or group defined under Hotdial, and the answering party dials 00 which activates the door open current.

NEW IP710-01 Door Box Setup Guide

  • The New IP710-01 Door Boxes will have a static IP address of      It is reccomended to connect to this IP address and then configure for DHCP in the Network settings.
  • Use the WAN port if you are using POE
  • Use the LAN port if you are connecting direct power to the door box


SIP Account: Display Name and User Name should be the extension number.  The Password field should be the SIP password found in the Advanced Extension Settings on the PBX.  SIP Server should be the IP Address of the PBX.

The button on the front of the door box is Key1, the other programmable keys are not used