Mitel 5224 Setup

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Confiture an extension in IPitomy | destinations| Extensions | with the extension number configured in general settings and, in advanced settings, the password andphone type (Generic) the rest should be default

On the Mitel 5224:

Factory default

a. Press both the up and down keys while applying power to the phone

b. At Network settings press No until Tools & Features appear

c. Press Yes

d. Press No until Restore Defaults appear

e. Press Yes

f. Press Confirm

SIP Mode

a. Press the Super key (blue key) while applying power to the phone

b. At Configure Phone press Yes

c. Press No until Phone Mode appears, Press Yes

d. At Protocol press Yes

e. At Phone Mode Minet press change then press SIP

f. At Store Changes press Yes

g. At reboot now press yes

Access Web GUI for 5224

a. When phone is booted up press the Super key

b. Press the bottom right feature key on phone set, IP address and MAC address will appear

c. Open a web browser and go to the IP address from b. above

d. A Logon Window will appear, the User Name is admin the pasword is 5224

e. The following screen appears on login

f. The left hand column has links to specific programming pages as well as the firmware load at the top of the page. The firmware on this phone was features and methods may vary with different firmware loads.

Network Config

a. Click the Network Config Link

b. Set the Basic | SIP Phone Host Name

c. Set the Domain Name to the IP of the ipitomy IPPBX

d. Set DHCP as desired (dhcp on/off)

e. Set the SIP Phone IP Address , Subnet Mask, Default Gateway and DNS as needed (with DHCP On, this will display the DHCP addresses.

f. Set the Additional Servers | SNTP Server to the ip of the Ipitomy IPPBX

g. Set the Time Zone , Daylight Savings Mode and Start/End Settings as desired

h. Click Save and Reboot or apply if more programming is to be done

User config

a. Click the User Config link

b. Insert Extension number in User ID and SIP Authentication User Namefields

c. Insert the name to be displayed in the 5224 display in the User Display Name field

d. Insert the SIP authentication password from the ipitomy Destination|Extensions|Advanced page in theSIP Authentication Password field

e. Click Save and Reboot orapply if more programming is to be done

SIP config

a. Click the SIP Config link on left side

b. Insert the IP address of the Ipitomy IPPBX in the: SIP Proxy server, Sip Registry Server, Outbound Server URL, andVoicemail Server fields

c. Change Authenticate Mode to Basic

d. Click Save and Reboot orApply if more programming is to be done

Media Config

a. click the Media Config link

b. set DTMF type to automatic

c. set Media Start Port to 10000

d. set Media End Port to 20000

e. click Save and Reboot orApply if more programming is to be done

Note: the mitel should link to the IPitomy at this time with a Save and Reboot. On the mitel

  1. Key Programming the first 4 keys on bottom right of the phone are pre-assigned and cannot be changed. The top 3 keys on top right are pre-assigned and may be changed. Active call features cannot be programmed onto feature keys due to the key will select a new line key to make the new speed dial call and not affect the in progress call. a Click the Key Programming Link

b. click on the Programmable Key: field and select a button

c. click on the Feature and select from the drop down list of features, the only features recommended to be used are Speed dial key, Call log, Advisory message on/off, and Headset on/off.

d. If Speed Dial Key was selected click on the Speed Dial Address and enter the number desired to be dialed. Leave the Address Name/Number field at default.

e. Click Apply (not applying will result in programming not being saved) repeat above steps until all keys are programmed and then click Save and Reboot.

f. after reboot go back and verify the changes remained programmed in the phone.

  1. Date and Time a. Click the Date/Time field

b. set the correct date and time

c. Click Apply