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IPitomy Mobile Application Guide

The IPitomy Mobile Application allows users to access the Voicemail and Forwarding settings for their extension right on their mobile phone.  Once this feature is enabled by the system Administrator, the user can access the Mobile App by entering [http:// http://]<pbxipaddress>/mobile/ into their phones web browser.

Enabling Mobile Web Access

On an extension by extension basis, the system administrator can enable the Mobile App feature.  By default this is disabled.

  1. Log into the PBX as an Administrator
  2. Navigate to Destinations=>Extensions
  3. Click Edit Extenion to edit the PBX settings for the extension
  4. Click the blue Advanced link
  5. Set Allow Mobile Web Access to YES
  6. Save and Apply Changes


Mobile Settings


Global settings for the Mobile App can be found at PBX Setup=>Mobile.



Recommended Settings

Require SSL

Default is enabled. This redirects all traffic to https and uses specified

port if set.

Send VM Over HTTP

Default is disabled. IPhone and Android devices will not play sound files from HTTPS web locations, unless certificate is valid, trusted, and is accessed through same name as certificate. So we use the External HTTP port setting to redirect people to http URL that allows playback of voice files.

External HTTP Port

Used for redirect to voicemail.

External HTTPS Port

Not yet used but will be used for redirects from HTTP in a future release.

Certificate Common Name

This field is used to generate a certificate for your pbx web interface. This certificate is self signed so it will not be trusted automatically.  Once you have saved the name, press generate certificate. After doing this you will need to reboot the PBX in order for the new certificate to take effect. To  install the new certificate as trusted on your mobile device, you navigate to: http(s)://<pbx ip>/mobile/localhost.crt , on your mobile device. This will prompt you to install a certificate. After installing the certificate you should be able to play voicemail files over HTTPS as well.

Log in on Mobile Device

Point your Mobile Web browser to  https://<your public IP>/mobile/

You will be presented with the Log in


Log in Using the Voicemail Credential