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Below is the last known working configuration we had with NexVortex. Their portal can be found at Be sure to verify the host, username, secret, and call limit with the provider before starting configuration to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible. This is a basic configuration to get the trunks working, there are many optional fields that you may want to configure as well depending on the specific application. If you have a static IP, you won't need to register with a user/pass, just provide your public IP to nexvortex and they will authenticate from that. If you need to use a host name, provide nexvortex with that domain and they can authenticate that way without registration.

  • With NexVortex, you will need to enable DNSSRV Lookup, found under PBX Setup=SIP=Advanced

NOTE: When using DNS SRV Lookup, you should be the host to

File:NexVortex -ConfigPage1.jpg

File:NexVortex -ConfigPage2.jpg