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Several alerts will display at the top of the Admin web pages when you are logged in.  

The warnings are reminders they do not have any effect on the system operation.  
Currently the Apply Changes alert will trigger more often than necessary, as it triggers when people change their forwarding settings, (which does not require apply changes).  However, in the interest of caution, we would rather it warn people that they have not applied than not. In the next release will update this functionality so that it can be enabled/disabled.

Default Password
System is using default login credentials
Change the password (and make a note so you don't forget) under PBX Setup=>General
SIP Local Net
The localnet does not match the IP scheme of the PBX
Change the localnet under PBX Setup=>SIP
Apply Changes
Changes have been saved to the Database but have not been applied.
Click Apply Changes
A voicemail box number and its PIN match.
Check all mailboxes (stand alone and associated with an extension) and ensure the PIN is updated. Under PBX Setup=>Voicemail you can enable Force mailbox reset if default PIN which will force the user to change their PIN the next time they log into their VM box.