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Installation of Aastra DECT RFP32


The installation of the SIP DECT requires that you have two files. These files are the OMM configuration Java utility, and the TFTP file that runs the unit. You can get the OMM Java utility at Support.ipitomy.com The TFTP file is already on the server. And is in fact already installed on new RFP units from Aastra.

You should be provided with a CD with the installation kit. This CD is required to obtain a license and Park Code from Aastra. Locate this and follow the CD instructions for Park Code and License. On single unit installations this step is not neccessary.

Once licensed continue

To configure:

  • Run the OMM.
  • When you run it you will need to enter the MAC address of the device in order to connect.
  • Enter the device MAC in the indicated field and then press “List Configuration”.
  • Once connected you will need to populate the IP Address of the unit, the Subnet Mask, the TFTP Server Address (The PBX IP), the TFTP filename (omm_ffsip.tftp), the OMM IP which is the devices IP, and the preferred time server (north-america.pool.ntp.org).
  • You should also indicate the LAN router IP, and the LAN DNS IP


  • Once you have all fields appropriately filled then you will need to Send the configuration to the device. This action will configure the IP and pull down the TFTP file from the PBX.
  •  You should verify that the TFTP file is resident on the PBX. You can do this by browsing to PBX Setup Services and then expanding the TFTP files and make sure the file is in the list. All IPitomy PBXs ship with this file loaded, however you should verify it is there before sending the configuration.
  • Once the light on the unit turns to a Green color you can connect to the devices Web server by browsing to the IP you configured.
  • Log into the device using the credentials:


User Name = omm

Password = omm

 You will be required to change to a strong password after logon.

  • Under the SIP settings you should populate the fields Proxy server, Outbound Proxy Server, and Registrar Server with the IP of the PBX


You will then need to navigate to System, then Radio Fixed parts. You should verify or create an entry for the Dect unit

The configuration consists of the MAC address of the device and the device IP you configured using the OMM configurator.

You are now ready to create the user accounts on the device. To do this you will need to have created a range of extensions for use by the DECT handsets. You will need the Extension numbers and the Extension names, as well as the SIP passwords from the Extension settings in the PBX. You then create the user accounts on the DECT unit by browsing to System, Portable Parts.

You simply populate the Extension information and the SIP password information into the Portable Parts User table.

The IPEI number can be found on the phone device. The DECT phones should then register to the RFP32.

Finally you will need to enter the PARK code stated above into the system for the DECT to function. Browse to System and then System settings. Enter the PARK Key in the appropriate position