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Secondary Server

In the event that you are using two servers (one main, one as a backup) and want to program the backup server as part of the phone configuration so that automatic updates (firmware and configuration) will include this information you must modify the PBX Server settings in PBX Setup - Phone Global - HD Phone Configuration Template.

PBX Template Changes


1. Enter into the PBX GUI and navigate to PBX Setup - Phone Global

2. Click the Edit Current Template button in HD Phone Configuration Template

3. Use the bottom-right corner of the window that opens to enlarge the window for better viewing.

4. In the template, find the section "sipUser". It looks like:

sipUser RegisterMethod="0" id="0" Describe="" DomainName="" Password="" ProxyServerAddress="" SecondProxyServerAddress="" PollingRegistrationTime="32" RefreshTime="3600" SecondDomainName="" STUNAddress="" UserName="" UserNumber="" flag="0" LinkUse="0" PossessNumber="4" SupportNumber="0" approveName="" RTPBegin="10000" RTPEND="20000" EnableAccount="0" Subscribe="1800" STUNEnableFlag="0" AccountMode="0" BLAEnableFlag="0" BLANum="" AnonymousCall="0" UserSessionTimerEnable="0" SessionTimer="300" AllowEventsEnable="0" DNSSRVEnable="0" RegisteredNAT="1" RingFilename="" KeepaliveEnable="0" KeepaliveInterval="30" AnonymousCallReject="0"

5. You must modify id="0". Note: there are eight possible sipUser definitions in this template. Only the first is necessary for this procedure.

6. Modify the parameter "SecondProxyServerAddress" by placing between the quotes the server address that is to be the secondary server.

original: SecondProxyServerAddress=""

modified: SecondProxyServerAddress="<IP Address of secondary server>"

7. Also modify the parameter "SecondDomainName" by placing between the quotes the secondary server address.

original: SecondDomainName=""

modified: SecondDomainName="<IP Address of secondary server>"

8. Click Save (Template editing save)

9. Click Save (Phone Global page save)

10. Click Apply Changes

The result will be that automatic uploads will retrieve this template information as part of the phone configuration update.