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Square Key on an Ipitomy System

Infrequently Ipitomy is asked is there a way to Square Key an Ipitomy or to basically allow there to be Line Appearances on a phone. While there is not a way to actually map a line to a key on a phone this solution does give the required result.

In this example you would be using 3 Extensions per Line Appearance and 2 Groups. You would need to make an Extension for each Line Key on a phone (6 total in this example). Additionally you would need to use the manual method for programming the phones in question. As you would need to turn off Auto Download Config in the phone and then manually enter the extension programming for each Line Key. So if you had for instance 4 lines, you would need to program these four extension under each of those line Keys. Then you would create four correspnding groups. You would direct ringing on these groups from the Line or DID in question. In each group there would be one of the four extensions. The call would progress as follows.

NOTE: All extensions registered to a single device must have their User Type in the PBX changed from Peer to Friend, or they can have issues accessing voicemail.

Ringing on Line 1 => sent to Ring group for line one => sent to extension for Line one

This achieves the result of having a Line appearance which could be programmed on as many phones as you like. The only downside is the manual programming of the phones, and the additional Extension licenses required.


These steps assume you are using IP620 pones and have already programmed each phone to its primary extension via the PBX and plan to change line 3 and line 4 to behave as a 'squared key' ling.

1) Create the new extensions on the PBX
2) Log into phone A by IP address (root/root)
3) Navigate to Phone Maintenance=>Advanced=>Autoprovision
4) Uncheck Auto Download Config and Submit
5) Navigate to SIP Account=>Account 1
6) Change the field "Amount of line accounts used" to 2 and Submit
7) Navigate to SIP Account=>Account 2
8) Change the field "Amount of line accounts used" to 1 and check the box for Enabled
9) Manually program Display Name, UserName, Authenticate Name and Label to one of the new Extension Numbers
10) Copy the SIP password from the PBX for the new Extension, paste that into the Password field
11) Set the SIP Server and Outbound Proxy to the IP of the PBX and Submit
12) Navigate to Account 3, repeat steps 8-11 for the second New Extension
13) Repeat steps 2-12 on the other two phones, using two unique new extensions for each phone as you cannot have one extension registered on more than one device.

Once done, you can add all of the new extensions to the two ring groups, and when the DID routes to that group, these phones will ring on those buttons. The label field can be set to something that is more descriptive, but is limited to around 5 or 6 characters.