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Telify is an AddOn for Mozilla Firefox that allows you to Rt Click a phone number from a webpage and use QManager to dial that number from your phone.

Install the AddOn

Once the AddOn is installed Firefox will need to reboot. While the browser is rebooting launch your QManager

  • Select Settings.
  • Click on CTI and Enable Local Call API. Also note the Local Port (default 6687) as this will be needed.
  • Once your browser is back, click the orange Firefox Tab=>Telify=>Preferences
  • Set Used Protocol to Custom URL
  • Set When number has country code to Dial Directly
  • Set When number has no coutnry code to Dial Directly
  • Set the Custom URL to
  • Click OK

Now whenever the user has Qmanager opened they can Rt Click on a phone number in their browser, select Phone Number Selection and either dial the number or edit before dialing, sending the call to their phone.