Troubleshooting: Call Park

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We get a lot of questions about call park.  Call park is essentially a blind transfer to extension 700.  When you press a park key it sends DTMF codes to indicate a transfer ## and then 700 # to indicate the extension and immediately send it.  When you do this you will hear a number 701-720 of the parking space that the call has been placed in.

The main report of issues we get with park is "I am  unable to park".

Here is why you may be unable to park and some possible solutions:

  • This happens often on an outbound call that you have made.  This is because by default providers do not allow a caller to transfer an outbound call.  If you check the box on your provider labelled "Allow Outbound Caller to transfer" then click Save and Apply Changes, you will notice that you can park outbound calls.  Note this will not take effect on active calls.
  • Another way that people are unable to park is when they initiate an internal call.  You cannot transfer an internal call that you initiated yourself.  You can transfer one that you receive.  This means you cannot test park by calling from Ext A to Ext B and trying to park on A.  You can try to park on B and that should work.
  • DTMF being set incorrectly would result in the PBX not recognizing the digits sent to attempt a park. Ensure the extension in the PBX and the phone itself have their DTMF set to the same value. For IPitomy HD phones, RFC2833 is the correct DTMF, for IP550 and Aastra phones, SIP Info works best.
    • If you continue to have DTMF issues with HD phones parking, ensure they are at least on the following versions:
      • Rev 1 Phones:
      • Rev 2 Phones: