Troubleshooting: Date Time

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The PBX synchronizes with a time server using NTP in order to maintain accurate time.

First ensure that you have valid DNS.  In Diagnostics->Network you can perform an DNS Lookup of your time server (value located under PBXSetup->General).  If you cannot find the server or do not get a valid response, then go set your DNS server under System->Networking (You should only have to press Save for this to take effect) and then try this again.

If your PBX Time is off consistently perform the following steps:

  1. go to PBXSetup->General, set the time server, then press save at the bottom of the page and then Apply Changes.
  2. After that is done click the synchronize button. This will drop all calls. 
  3. Now go to PBXSetup->Services and Click the button that says Reboot PBX.

If the time is still off after this, try powering the system down, then unplugging from the wall for 30 seconds, then powering back up.

If you are using a time server on the LAN and can't get the time to update, try a national time server like

We have also seen where keyboards and monitors can effect bus timing if they are malfunctioning.  We recommend removing these and then restarting the PBX.

If after trying all of these suggestions the time is still off, contact support with SSH (port22) access.