Troubleshooting Call Transfer Issues

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Troubleshooting Call Transfer Issues

If you find you have issues with your users and Call Transfer, this troubleshooting guide will provide a start reference to begin troubleshooting.


1) Make sure that the user is performing the transfer properly.

Most users accustomed to older Circuit Switched equipment will typically utilize the phones in a manner they are used to doing. While this is not always the precise cause of the issue it is always good to make sure they know what to expect and which buttons to use. On an HD phone the default transfer method is "Supervised Transfer". This simply means that is the user dials transfer and then the number to be transferred to, this will result in the phone performing a Supervised transfer. If the user wishes to perform a blind transfer, then they should dial in this order, Transfer- Blind Softkey- then the Extension to be transferred. The Blind Softkey will not appear in the LCD of the phone until the condition of, On Call - Transfer Key Pressed is met.

2) It is very common for users to wish to Park outbound calls. And/or to transfer calls outbound to an external number. In order to do this you must prepare the Trunk Interface. In any Provider on the PBX, there is a field entitled "Allow Caller to transfer an outbound call?" This must be checked in order to a) Park any call and b) transfer a call outbound offsite.

3) With internal extension to extension calls, the initiating party cannot transfer. When testing, always call from Phone A to Phone B, and transfer at B.