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IPitomy IP PBX Administrator Guide
Version v4.2.1

All materials in this documentation are proprietary and considered confidential to IPitomy Communications, LLC and may not be disclosed without the express written permission of Ipitomy Communications, LLC. © 2010 Ipitomy Communications, LLC All rights reserved.

IPitomy Communications, LLC
Phone: 941.306.2200
Email: info@ipitomy.com

Corporate Offices:
1940 Northgate Blvd.
Suite B-1
Sarasota, FL 34234

Release History
Software Version, Document Release #
June 01, 2010 Draft Rev. 1 New release of documentation to include product upgrade Version v3.1-2458.
June 11, 2010 DraftRev 2 Incorporated new features and still updating to match current version v3.1.2458.
June 25, 2010 DraftFinal Version Draft submitted for technical review.
June 28, 2010 DraftFinal Version Updated document to include information for ACD table.

Update document for general formatting and style consistency.

July 2, 2010 DraftFinal Version Updated to include new fields for CID, Cascading Messages from 3.1.2595 release notes.
September 23, 2010 3.1-2598 Fully updated to reflect the PBX up to v3.1-2598
Oct 4, 1020 3.2.2 Updated manual to reflect v3.2.2
February 9, 2011 4.0.1 Updated manual to reflect v4.0.1, v3.4.1 and v3.4.2
July 1, 2011 4.2.1 Updated manual to reflect addition of Phoenix HD phones.

Table of Contents Link
IPitomy's IP PBX (Intro) IPPBX_IMM_Intro
Getting Started IPPBX_IMM_Getting_Started
Data Network Configuration IPPBX_IMM_DataNetworkConfig
System Administration Intro IPPBX_IMM_SystemAdmin
System Networking IPPBX_IMM_AdminSystemNetworking
Providers IPPBX_IMM_AdminProviders
Destinations Intro IPPBX_IMM_SystemAdminDestinationsIntro
Extensions - Add Del IPPBX_IMM_SystemAdminDestinationsExtAddDel
Extensions - Auto Discovery IPPBX_IMM_SystemAdminDestinationsExtProvAutoDiscovery
Extensions - Phones settings IPPBX_IMM_SystemAdminDestinationsExtEditPhoneSettings
Groups IPPBX_IMM_SystemAdminDestinationsGroups
Menus IPPBX_IMM_SystemAdminDestinationsMenus
Conference IPPBX_IMM_SystemAdminDestinationsConferences
Voice Mail IPPBX_IMM_SystemAdminDestinationsVM
Schedule IPPBX_IMM_SystemAdminDestinationsSchedules
Branch Offices IPPBX_IMM_SystemAdminDestinationsBranchOffices
Scheduled Calls Under Construction
Call Routing (In Out Class of Service) IPPBX_IMM_SystemAdminCallRouting
PBX Setup Agents See Groups - Agents IPPBX_IMM_SystemAdminDestinationsGroups
General IPPBX_IMM_SystemAdminPBXSetupGeneralM
Database IPPBX_IMM_SystemAdminPBXSetupDatabase
Voicemail IPPBX_IMM_SystemAdminPBXSetupVM
SIP Setup (Global) IPPBX_IMM_SystemAdminPBXSetupSIPSetup
Phone Global IPPBX_IMM_SystemAdminPBXSetupPhone Global
Mobile Under Construction
Chat Under Construction
Prompts IPPBX_IMM_SystemAdminPBXSetupPrompts
Music On Hold IPPBX_IMM_SystemAdminPBXSetupMOH
Feature Codes IPPBX_IMM_SystemAdminPBXSetupFeatureCodes
Services IPPBX_IMM_SystemAdminPBXSetupServices
Reporting Reports IPPBX_IMM_SystemAdminReporting
Diagnostics IPPBX_IMM_SystemAdminDiagnostics
Monitoring IPPBX_IMM_SystemAdminMonitoring
Queue Monitoring Under Construction
Diagnostics - Network Under Construction
Diagnostics - Packet Capture Under Construction
Appendix 1 Key Types, Codes IPPBX_IMM_SystemAdminAppendix1KeyTypesCodes
Appendix 2 IP Telephones IPPBX_IMM_SystemAdminAppendix2IPTelephones
Appendix 3 Soft Phones IPPBX_IMM_SystemAdminAppendix3SoftPhones
Appendix 4 IP Addresses IPPBX_IMM_SystemAdminAppendix4IPAddresses
Appendix 5 DHCP Settings IPPBX_IMM_SystemAdminAppendix5DHCPSettings
Appendix 6 Router Configuration IPPBX_IMM_SystemAdminAppendix6RouterConfiguration
Appendix 7 Network Console IPPBX_IMM_SystemAdminAppendix7NetworkConsole
Appendix 8 Software Upgrade IPPBX_IMM_SystemAdminAppendix8SoftwareUpgrade
Appendix 9 Aastra Phones IPPBX_IMM_SystemAdminAppendix9AastraPhones
Appendix 10 Troubleshooting IPPBX_IMM_SystemAdminAppendix10TroubleShooting
Glossary IPPBX_IMM_Glossary
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